Meet the ladies of Cooking With Love.

Boonma is from “Ghost Door Town” in Lop Buri province, northeast of Bangkok, in Thailand. 

Boonma used to grow vegetables there and walk door to door selling her produce to the locals. 

Her love of cooking start when she have to help her community cook when they have a special occasion in the temple.

She is beloved and remembered by her community because she loved to cook and share her food with many people in her neighborhood. Boonma passed away in 2015.


Jarugun lives in the Sa Kaeo Province on the border between Thailand and Cambodia. She is a single mother of two. Her children always join her at the market and help her cook after school.

Jarugun remembers her mother every time she cooks. She tries to recreate the dishes her mother cooked for her as a child.


Mayuree is a very enthusiastic cook who is always in search of new recipes for her family to taste. At the end of the working day, when the shop closes they always enjoy a drink and spend time together before dinner.

This lovely couple lives together in Pak Chong in the Nakhon Ratcahsima Province of Thailand. This province is the location of Khao Yai National Park, a beautiful mouantainous area. Mayuree and Petcharat own a auto parts shop in the Pak Chong city district. 

Sumalee Hungtongtae lives with her son and daughter in beautiful Chiang Mai,Thailand. She is a single mother of two. The first person who taught her how to cook was her father. Sumalee have a wonderful memories of her father cooking her delicious food for her when she was young. Till this day Sumalee still cook with the recipes her father have taught her.

Sukunya (Suki) Wangsomnuk - Director /Producer / Editor / Music Composer

Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Sukunya began her career there in music as a  artist for indie record labels. 
To explore more opportunities in entertainment, she moved to Los Angeles. She interned at a small film production company, where she discovered her love for all the creative elements that have to come together to make a good film. By the following year, she was co-producing small documentaries, as well as editing them. She has worked on numerous music videos, independent features, short films and reality TV shows.

While working with Todd Kellstien, the Director of the documentary, “Buffalo Girls,” she was inspired to create a documentary that allowed her to combine her love of filmmaking with her love of cooking. And “Cooking With Love” is the delicious result.